Friday, December 19, 2014

County Sheriff's Calendar

Today the calendar came! So who is going to get a brand new Sherriff's calendar with "Buddy System" in Pink?  Share this post and you could be the one who wins the calendar.

Awareness or be

Where is the safest place in a parking lot? Where is the safest place in a parking lot? In the car with the doors locked. Then again how often do we do things like rummage through the trunk with nary a thought to someone throwing us into the trunk or beating us up and stealing our keys and driving off with us? It would not be worse if they drove off without us and left us in a parking lot. When you walk from your car to the open store you do your best to be aware. When you are rummaging around in your trunk the last thing on your mind is why anyone would bother, much less hurt you.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Crazy Native is printing 10 shirts for me today

They are in Douglasville, Georgia.  I don't plan on selling them. They are shirts I already own and I plan to wear. I want to be the billboard and instead of a store or company, I want to give the message to women to use the buddy system. Who is reminding women to use the buddy system?


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For Girls

How many women hear "Buddy System" every day? If we believed we could help each other would we?  
Order 2. One for you and one for your Buddy. Make this more popular than the Bike shirts. Make women believe they can make a difference in crime just by joining forces. BE aware.

Be the Bill Board

Buddy System for women. Be the Billboard.  
Order a shirt. Change the world.